Friday, 5 July 2019

Term Two

I have just spent the last three days at the New Zealand Principals conference in Auckland.  This was a great opportunity to reflect on what we do and even more importantly why we do it.  The conference theme of Renaissance explored ideas around what an education personalized to the needs of every student could look like.  It highlighted the need for us to continue to focus on an inclusive culture within the school.
Next term, our parent, teacher and student interviews will provide an opportunity for you to share what is important to you and your children for their ongoing schooling. I hope to meet up with you all then.
In the meantime,  I wish you all a safe and happy holiday break.

Friday, 1 February 2019

Welcome to 2019

It was wonderful to welcome everyone back to Rosebank this week and to hear all the holiday stories from students. We also welcomed 23 new students to Rosebank School this year with a special welcome assembly on Tuesday.
Classes are all well underway and everyone has coped amazingly well with the heat that has come our way this week. I think everyone is pleased to see the rain today after yesterday though!

We have welcomed Mr Gordon Edwards and Mrs Tiffany McRae to our teaching staff this year, and we are very pleased to have both of them here at Rosebank. We also welcomed Mrs Jasmine Goodwin on to our support staff. We have been very fortunate to attract such high quality staff to Rosebank to join our happy team here.

Our first event on the calendar is school interviews next week, and I hope to catch up with many of you as you come along for these.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

A celebration of culture

We have had another successful and exciting time at Rosebank this week. Last night I attended the 2017 annual Chinese Prizegiving at Columba College in Dunedin. Eight of our students were identified for their excellence in Mandarin classes this year and four of these students attended the prizegiving ceremony. It is an honour to receive this award, which reflects the hard work and commitment the students have shown in their Mandarin classes over the year.
Congratulations to the following students who received an award this year:
Anna Lloyd, Archie Smith, Latoya Hewitt, Brooke Kendall, Brooke Stratford, Ulysses Cu, Alex Ryan and Connor Bond

Mrs Miller and I visited the preschools on Friday morning. It is one of the great parts of this job to get out and visit our four year olds in their own settings. Mrs Miller had a lovely chat with Ava at Big River Educare. Ava chose this photo of Mrs Miller to bring back to school.

The Year 7 and 8 social on Tuesday evening was a fantastic opportunity for students and their families to enjoy some great dancing. The social skills that are reinforced through the dancing really contribute to the value of activities such as this. It is a great Rosebank tradition and a lovely way for students to share their learning with families. I really loved the dance off, which was a new addition to the programme. It was as much fun for the audience watching as it was for the students performing. Well done to everyone for an outstanding evening.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Congratulations to our enthusiastic students, parents and teachers

One of the great things about Rosebank School is the number of different opportunities on offer that students get involved in. The last week has been no exception to this. Three classes have been away on camp at Berwick over the past few days. I love talking to the students when they get back about how much fun they have had together on camp. Thank you to everyone who supports our students with camp activities. It really is a special time for everyone.


Yesterday I was visited by a group of students from Room 3 who were spreading the message about drinking water instead of sugary drinks. It is great to see students so enthusiastically sharing their learning. They could all tell me quite clearly why drinking water was a much healthier option.

The past few days have also seen students showing Citizenship and giving back to others with the following activities:
- Purple Polio Day - the students dressed up in Mufti and brought along a gold coin donation in support of Rotary's campaign to end polio in the world
- The Student Council organised two wheels days for the students as they work on mapping out a potential bike track for the school grounds
- Our wonderful Home and School parents ran a school disco for the students
- Students and their parents at the Town Hall last Saturday displaying what they had made with the South Otago Woodturners Group.

Purple Polio Day

The Home and School Disco

Our wonderful Home and School mums selling sausages at the disco

Our display at the Clutha Arts and Crafts Fair last Saturday

A student enjoying one of the bike track options put out by the Student Council

A huge thank you to everyone for your enthusiasm and support. Our students are truly lucky to have all these wonderful opportunities to learn and grow.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Junior School Production

What a special evening we had tonight. Our wonderful junior school teachers staged an amazing production about Space. Everything about the show was spectacular - lights, costumes, scenery and the wonderful performances by the children. A huge thank you to the hardworking team who put it all together. You all brought such a lot of joy to people this evening. Well done!

Monday, 23 October 2017

Great start to Term Four

After a term away looking at education systems in other parts of the world, it is great to be back at Rosebank School this term. I have really appreciated the warm welcome back I have received from everyone. It has been so good to catch up with students and to see how well they are all doing.
I started on Monday morning with a slightly wet road patrol but lots of lovely smiles and greetings. Our road patrollers do such a great job keeping everyone safe as they arrive at school in the morning.

This week was Chinese Language Week and we celebrated this at assembly on Friday. A huge thank you to Room 1 for doing some Chinese jump jam on stage for the assembly. The music and the routine I gave them to work on was pretty challenging, but they did a fantastic job with it. It is so good to see everyone involved and having fun with their learning.
Tingting demonstrated a really fun Chinese game for us and our extension Mandarin group also showed us a game they play in class.

Woodturning Group:
During Term Three we had seven Year 8 students attending woodturning sessions with the South Otago Woodturners group. We are very lucky to have the support of community groups such as this, where people are so willing to volunteer their time to help our students. The items the students have made will be on display at the Clutha Arts and Crafts Fair on Saturday 28 October. I encourage you to come along to the Town Hall on Saturday to look at the wealth of talent we have in our South Otago area. Here are some of the items the students have made. 


Sunday, 9 July 2017

Whanau Celebration

Our whanau group celebration on Friday was a wonderful way to finish the term. Each Whanau group shared a waiata and a haka that they had been practising for the past three weeks. It was so good to see the students supporting each other and having a lot of fun along the way. It was very special for me, as I say goodbye to Rosebank for a term and head off on my Principal's sabbatical.

While I am away, I will be investigating maths teaching in different parts of the world. I am very excited to have this opportunity to do some in-depth research into the teaching of mathematics, and it will be great to share what I have found when I return in Term 4.
Our Kapa Haka group

We all enjoyed watching each item

Piwaiwaka whanau group

Hoiho whanau group

Hoiho whanau group

Kaka whanau group

Tui Whanau group